Protection of personal data requires the discovery and classification of categories and different types of data across the business; preparation for Article 30 Records of Processing and mapping processing activities to personal data use. IBM has solutions that can help support your remediation, lifecycle management, consent and DSAR (Data Subject Access Rights) requests.

Insight Across All Data - IBM StoredIQ - IGC Integration

11 minute demo

See How IBM's Information Governance Catalogue and StoredIQ work together to help organizations extend management of governance terms and taxonomies to unstructured data.

Personal Data Discovery for GDPR Using IBM StoredIQ

5 minute demo

Watch this video to learn about IBM StoredIQ's GDPR focused cartridges and see a demo on how they assist in unstructured data discovery for GDPR.

MDM Consent Management

5 minute demo

Learn how IBM MDM Consent Management captures and manages consent of each individual as required by the GDPR or any other data protection regulation