Personal Data Discovery Using IBM StoredIQ

5 minute demo

Watch this video to learn how IBM StoredIQ's solution helps find and classify unstructured personal data. Accelerator cartridges for GDPR provide extended sets of pre-defined personal data types translated for 11 languages. Use StoredIQ to help get a handle on your personal data.

Insight Across All Data - IBM StoredIQ - IGC Integration

11 minute demo

Records of Processing Activities (ROPA) need a privacy catalog, as a core framework for regulatory responses. See how our discovery tools are integrated with a privacy catalog - IBM’s Information Governance Catalog (IGC) for data mappings, governance terms, and taxonomies.

MDM Consent Management

8 minute demo

Learn how IBM MDM Consent Management captures and manages consent of each individual as required by the GDPR or any other data protection regulation

GDPR - Your Compliance Strategy with InfoSphere Optim

7 minute demo

IBM Infosphere Optim solutions help organizations mask data, using anonymization and minimization to help reduce the risk of exposure, and reduce the inventory of personal data in your organization.

GDPR - Your Compliance Strategy with InfoSphere Optim Test Data Fabrication

7 minute demo

Mitigate the risk of using any production personal data with Test Data Fabrication. Instead of copying or cloning production data and involving any personal data it may contain, automate the fabrication of enterprise quality extensive test data with Optim Test Data Fabrication.