Cloud Event Management automatically correlates events into prioritized incident views. It also notifies the right person at the right time, with integrated, automated notifications. This initiates a fast response and keeps everyone in sync. To quickly resolve incidents, it even matches in-context runbooks with events.

IBM Cloud Event Management- Quickly Restore Service Demo

3 minute demo

Learn how to restore service quickly by routing incidents to users and groups with the right expertise, how to easily reach subject matter experts for incident resolution, and how runbooks provide structured manual and automated steps to help resolve the underlying problems.

IBM Cloud Event Management- Reduce The Noise Demo

3 minute demo

Learn how Cloud Event Management can easily cut through the inundating amounts of event and alarm noise that's common when availability and performance events occur, so you can focus on a single incident to restore service instead of grappling with hundreds of different events.

IBM Cloud Event Management- Be Notified Promptly Demo

3 minute demo

Learn how to use policies to trigger automated actions in response to events and incidents. Be automatically notified when new incidents occur, escalate unattended incidents, or tell your team to stand down when incidents are resolved.

Tour Cloud Event Management: Create a runbook and policy for a known event and resolve an incident

See how IBM® Cloud Event Management can reduce the noise of event traffic, notify the appropriate operations engineer, and quickly restore service.

  • Create a policy that automatically assigns incidents to the appropriate owner
  • Generate sample events to verify that your new policy works as expected
  • Use the runbook that is assigned to the problem to resolve it

15-30 minute introduction