IBM Cloud Private™ for Data is a new kind of data and analytics platform that simplifies and unifies how you collect, organize and analyze data to speed time to value from data science and AI. This platform delivers a broad range of core data microservices, with the option to add others from a growing services catalog. And there is no need to move your data. Get the benefits of cloud while keeping data where it is with this governed multicloud platform that delivers the flexibility you want, with the security and control you need.

Overview of IBM Cloud Private for Data

5 minute demo

Understand the value of IBM Cloud Private for Data, learn where it fits within the product ecosystem and its most compelling use cases.

IBM Cloud Private for Data - Intro to Data Virtualization

9 minute demo

Introduction to the concepts of Data Virtualization and a brief walk through on how to set up virtual tables and join in ICP for Data.

Solving a business problem with IBM SPSS Modeler and IBM Decision Optimization on IBM Cloud Private for Data

10 minute demo

Within IBM Cloud Private for Data, this video focuses on using IBM value added tools like SPSS Modeler and Decision Optimization models that uses visual and guided approach to build predictive and prescriptive models to solve retail promotion planning problem.

Quick Product Walkthrough

5 minute demo

This video walks through an end-to-end tour of IBM Cloud Private for Data.

Collect and Organize

5 minute demo

Deep dive into the Collect and Organize components of IBM Cloud Private for Data.


5 minute demo

Deep dive into the analyze component of IBM Cloud Private for Data.

Tour IBM Cloud Private for Data: IBM Cloud Private for Data product tour: Perform end-to-end analytics in your private cloud

Experience an integrated end-to-end analytics solution by helping a financial institution create a lending business practice.

  • Connect to the data environment for the financial institution
  • Transform and clean the data
  • Organize the data by creating and enforcing strict governance policies and rules
  • Analyze the data and create a machine-learning model to determine ideal customer profiles for lending
  • Deploy the model within a production setting and test it

15-30 minute introduction