IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded gives developers a way to embed an intuitive, drag-and-drop visualization tool, providing end users the ability to explore data and create visualizations that answer the unique questions important to your business.

Get Started With Dynamic Dashboards

2 minute demo

Cognos Dashboard Embedded provides developers with the ability to add an easy-to-use drag and drop dashboarding tool to their applications so that their end users can explore the data, gain insights, and share results with other users in your organization.

Embedding Cognos Dashboards into Your Application

5 minute demo

See how easy it is for developers to embed dynamic dashboard functionality into their apps with this short video. Create interactive visualizations that always contain the latest data, or provide your users with the flexibility to build their own with drag-and-drop functionality.

Create and Share a Dashboard

6 minute demo

In this video, you'll see how to create and share a dynamic dashboard. This example uses Watson Studio and a CSV file containing information about Bike Share Ride demographics for the greater Chicago area, but also applies to dashboards created using the embedded services and API