A managed Kubernetes offering to deliver powerful tools, an intuitive user experience and built-in security for rapid delivery of applications that you can bind to cloud services related to IBM Watson®, IoT, DevOps and data analytics. As a certified K8s provider, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service provides intelligent scheduling, self-healing, horizontal scaling, service discovery and load balancing, automated rollouts and rollbacks, and secret and configuration management.

An Application Modernization Example using IBM Cloud

2 minute demo

An example of how a transport company modernized a human resources application using a combination of IBM technologies including kubernetes, IBM Watson, and Cloudant NoSQL.

Managing Microservices with Istio

5 minute demo

A developer journey that shows you how to use Istio with your current microservice application. Istio is an open-platform to connect, manage and secure microservices.

What is Istio?

5 minute demo

What exactly is this Istio thing everyone is talking about? This video explains the basics of this new, open-platform, independent service mesh and looks at how Istio runs on Kubernetes.

IBM, Google, and Lyft launch Istio

5 minute demo

Observe how Istio collaborates among three companies to develop an open technology that provides a uniform way to connect, secure, manage, and monitor networks of microservices - regardless of platform, source or vendor.

IBM CLOUD - Application Modernization Use Case (Mortgage)

5 minute demo

IBM Cloud Kubernetes service provides scalable compute resources and the associated devops dashboards to create, scale, and tear down apps and services on demand.

Run Istio on the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

5 minute demo

Demo of Istio - Connect, manage and secure microservices at scale. Run Istio on the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

5 minute demo

This is a demo of setting up a resilient container service on IBM Cloud

Deploying a Kubernetes Cluster in the IBM Cloud

3 minute demo

With the IBM Cloud, you can deploy and manage your own Kubernetes cluster quickly and easily, without installing any server-side software. This video will walk you through the provisioning process using the IBM Cloud Console.

Containerized Applications with IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

12 minute demo

An overview of how to modernize a traditional Java application using Docker, Kubernetes, and IBM Cloud.

Tour IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service: Application Modernization with Containers guided demo: Deploy a Kubernetes cluster on IBM Cloud without installing software

Get a guided walkthrough of how to deploy a new Kubernetes cluster on IBM® Cloud.

  • Find the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service in the IBM Cloud catalog
  • Deploy a new Kubernetes cluster with a specified configuration
  • Monitor the cluster after an application pod is deployed to it

15-30 minute introduction