IBM QMF is an easy-to-use, secure business analytics and visualization solution that is optimized for IBM Z data. QMF supports many data types, including relational, non-relational, flat files, Hadoop, and web services data. QMF not only delivers Self-Service BI to the enterprise with automatic dashboarding and intuitive visualizations, but is also optimized for IBM Z sources such as IMS, ADABAS, Db2 for z/OS, VSAM, IDMS and SMF. QMF delivers real-time analytics to mainframe customers with its included data virtualization technology, executing analytics cost-effectively, without moving data off IBM Z.

Introduction to IBM QMF

7 minute demo

In this Introductory video for IBM QMF, we look at some of the components that make up the QMF product family, explore some of the data sources that can be analysed and follow some data from database to dashboard in just a few minutes.

Introduction to QMF Vision

9 minute demo

In this Video we look at how QMF Vision can connect to various data sources. We also learn how to build an interactive dashboard from scratch, edit existing dashboards and share dashboards with other users.

Accessing live mainframe data with QMF Data Virtualization Service

5 minute demo

This video explains the concept of accessing mainframe data using data virtualization. It walks through an example of creating virtual tables for both IDMS and VSAM data within the QMF Data Service Studio so that they appear as tables within QMF ready to receive SQL requests.

Tour IBM QMF: Take a tour of IBM QMF for Workstation

IBM QMF for Workstation: Tour the Main Features Duration: 20 minutes

  • Pull data from multiple data sources
  • Modernize the results with collapsible groups, aggregation, exception formatting, and built in charts
  • Use the results in one query to prompt the user for input to a second query
  • Run QMF for TSO reports
  • Run GUI reports
  • Create visual forecasts from result sets
  • Create interactive charts
  • Query non-Db2 data sources like VSAM files
  • Create GUI applications from QMF queries

15-30 minute introduction

More IBM QMF Product Tours