IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud is an elastic, fully-managed cloud data warehouse service that is powered by IBM BLU Acceleration technology for increased performance and optimization of analytics at a massive scale.

How to get an instance of a data warehouse in the cloud

7 minute demo

This video introduces Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, an elastic cloud data warehouse built for high-performance analytics. We walk through the steps to provision a new Entry plan instance, then explore the intuitive web console to create a table and load data to the new table.

Flexible data warehouse in the cloud

5 minute demo

This video will cover the steps to provision a new Flex Performance instance, how to independently scale the instance's compute and storage resources, and explore the self-service Back up and Restore feature.

How to get your analytics application connected to a data warehouse

6 minute demo

This video demonstrates the connectivity of Analytics tools to Db2 Warehouse on Cloud. In this scenario, we will set up the connection between a Cognos Analytics instance to Db2 Warehouse on Cloud to access the data and create a simple dashboard.

Tour IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud: How to use cloud object storage within a database

Get experience with IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud by loading data into it from IBM Cloud Object Storage.

  • Provision and Use Cloud Object Storage as your on-the-cloud storage .
  • Access data on cloud directly via an external table
  • Load data from Cloud Object Storage into Db2 Warehouse on cloud by using an external table

15-30 minute introduction