The IBM Demand Forecasting and Planning solution allows operations, supply-chain, sales, product, manufacturing and finance teams to collaborate to create plans in minutes instead of days and get the best product mix and production quantities for the right location at the right time. This solution helps organizations balance the demand versus inventory, leading to maximized revenue, decreased costs and ultimately increased customer satisfaction.

Demand Forecasting and Resource Optimization Through Advanced Analytics Overview

3 minute demo

This demo will walk you through a demand forecasting and planning solution that can help you deliver more accurate demand forecast, optimized operations to satisfy demand, and a complete operational and financial plan that the business can use in practice.

Improve forecasting accuracy with IBM Planning Analytics and IBM SPSS Modeler

3 minute demo

See how you can take a data-driven approach to improve planning and forecasting by adding IBM SPSS Modeler to your IBM Planning Analytics solution.

Get better operations planning with IBM Decision Optimization

3 minute demo

With IBM Planning Analytics and IBM Decision Optimization you can go beyond forecasting: you can create optimal plans by factoring in all business constraints and trade-offs, and evaluate multiple alternate scenarios.

Tour IBM Demand Forecasting and Planning: Create more accurate demand forecasts and operational plans

Learn how to add predictive and optimization modeling to your demand forecasting and planning. In this demo, you examine a consumer product goods company with a 6-month planning period and create an accurate demand forecast and production plan while minimizing costs.

  • Analyze performance
  • Adjust the demand forecast
  • Review the current capacity plan
  • Review the current production plan
  • Adjust the capacity limits
  • Create an optimized production plan
  • Complete a scenario analysis
  • Review the impact on the income statement

15-30 minute introduction