Respond to events before the moment passes and react to events as they happen, then use the opportunity to interact with a potential customer. Create responsive and personalized customer experiences. Bring real-time intelligence to your applications. Data gets to your APIs before it’s required, making your business more responsive and improve end-user experiences. Bring context to machine-learning models, making real-time recommendations that continuously evolve as the situation demands.

IBM Event Streams Whiteboard

1 minute demo

A whiteboard of IBM Event Streams. What is IBM Event Streams ?

IBM Event Streams 2018.3.1

8 minute demo

IBM Event Streams Getting Started

Tour IBM Event Streams: IBM Event Streams:Simulate and monitor with Workload Application using predefined load sizes of messages.

Simulating workload on IBM Event Streams with the Workload Generation Application.

  • Install the workload generation application and run some load tests
  • Monitor small and large messages

15-30 minute introduction