IBM® App Connect and IBM App Connect Professional helps you automate workflows and integrate data, apps and APIs across hybrid cloud environments. They are designed to support a range of roles and needs; from simple single-step flows across cloud apps to multi-step flows requiring sophisticated data transformation and mapping.

Integrate your business applications. Automate all your recurring tasks. Eliminate manual and mundane processes, and make your business more efficient.

Exposing a Model-driven REST API with IBM App Connect

5 minute demo

Citizen integrators and users from any Line of Business along with app developers can utilize the App Connect Designer toolkit to quickly create a workflow connecting several applications and instantly expose it as a RESTful API.

Move batches of data between applications with App Connect

6 minute demo

Any line of business users, app developers, or integrators can use a batch process to copy records from one external system to another, or to carry out an action that needs to be repeated many times. In this video, we will build an integration flow in IBM App Connect Designer, that automatically copies relevant data from a hosted database and uploads it as new data into a campaign in Salesforce.

Product Tour of IBM App Connect Professional

Want to see for yourself? Take a short test drive of IBM App Connect Professional to introduce you to the product. You'll be able to:

  • Connect disparate applications in hybrid cloud environments
  • Reduce IT complexity and accelerate time to value with capabilities providing rapid access, visibility and control of all enterprise data
  • Connect your business data and applications using a no-code configuration approach
  • Regardless of IT skill level, employ the simplest drag-and-drop interface to solve your integration needs
  • From RESTful APIs to batch-data movement, support for a broad range of integration requirements enables organizations to maximize the investment in existing technologies while embracing new capabilities

5-15 minutes introduction

Hands-on Lab for IBM App Connect Professional

Ready to explore more? Visit IBM Cloud to get started with IBM App Connect Professional. Once you've signed up, you can use the following tutorials to get a deeper dive into the capabilities of IBM App Connect Professional.