IBM BigIntegrate® is a big data integration solution that provides superior connectivity, fast transformation and reliable, easy-to-use data delivery features that execute on the data nodes of a Hadoop cluster. IBM BigIntegrate provides a flexible and scalable platform to extract, transform and integrate your Hadoop data.

Enterprise Data Warehouse Offloading

7 minute demo

Companies are realizing large cost savings by offloading data from traditional data warehouses into Hadoop Cluster - using DataStage to lift and transform data while running inside Hadoop Clusters to reduce license and hardware requirements.

Tour IBM BigIntegrate: Offload Data Warehousing to Hadoop by using DataStage

Use IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage® to load Hadoop and use YARN to manage DataStage workloads in a Hadoop cluster

  • Learn how to run DataStage traditional ETL jobs
  • Configure DataStage to run inside Hadoop Clusters
  • Examine execution logs to esnure configuration worked correctly

15-30 minute introduction