IBM® Content Foundation (ICF) provides full content lifecycle and document management capabilities. Delivers a fast, cost-effective solution for improved control of existing and new types of content. Provides superior scalability, security, stability, mobility and cross-platform ECM capabilities. IBM Content Foundation is easy-to-use, supports rapid deployment and is suitable for small to large companies. It is available for on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid deployment. Protects sensitive data with role-based redaction, enables team collaboration, adds powerful social media content features and encourages ECM best practice adoption.

Easily Access and View Content

4 minute demo

In this demo, you'll see how to easily locate, open and view content in IBM Content Navigator. You'll see how to search across your content repositories including text analytics to quickly locate specific content needed to make a decision or improve an outcome.

View and Collaborate on Video Files Using IBM Content Navigator

3 minute demo

The IBM Content Navigator HTML5 video viewer feature allows users to view, bookmark, and collaborate on video files inside IBM Content Foundation, without the need for plugins or desktop applications.

Collaborate on Content in a Teamspace

5 minute demo

Content management is often a team sport, requiring people to collaborate on documents. In this demo, you'll see how to set up a teamspace, add team members and create a simple workflow. Then watch as a team creates, annotates, and edits a document online and with a mobile app.

Secure Content and Protect Data

5 minute demo

Content often has financial, health or other personally identifiable information (PII) embedded and therefore, subject to all the regulations that apply to data. In this demo, we'll show how content interacts with data residency, records management and role-based redaction.

Securely Share Content with External Users

4 minute demo

Content management is a team sport, and some of your team may be trusted external users. In this demo, you'll provide external users access to content in a simplified Navigator interface with security, full access control and the same redaction of your sensitive or private data.

Tour IBM Content Foundation: Share and manage enterprise content

Get experience sharing and managing enterprise content by using IBM® Content Navigator on the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business.

  • Log in and view a teamspace
  • Add and edit HR documents online
  • Redact sensitive information
  • Check redaction permissions
  • Route an offer letter for approval

15-30 minute introduction