If you're researching options to improve your content management, the following demos, guided tour and tutorial can help. Learn how IBM content services can help you access, view, collaboratively create and securely manage your content.

Easily Access and View Content

5 minute demo

In this demo, you'll see how to quickly and easily locate content, open and view it, and get to work using IBM Content Navigator. You'll see how to search across your content repositories using metadata, full text search and faceted search using text analytics to quickly locate specific content needed to make a decision or improve an outcome.

Collaborate on Content in a Teamspace

5 minute demo

Content management is often a team sport, requiring people to collaborate on a document or process. In this demo, you'll see how to set up a teamspace, add team members and create a simple workflow. Then watch as a team creates, annotates, and edits a document online. Finally, you'll see a team member engage the teamspace from the field, using a mobile device to complete an assignment.

Secure Content and Protect Data

5 minute demo

Content often has financial, health or other personally identifiable information (PII) embedded and therefore, subject to all the regulations that apply to data. In this demo, we'll show how content can be stored according to different data residency rules, how a document can be converted to a record, and how to redact sensitive document data fields for information workers based on their role.

Product Tour of IBM Content Services

Want to see for yourself? Take a short test drive of IBM Content Services to introduce you to the product. You'll be able to:

Get experience sharing and managing enterprise content by using IBM® Content Navigator on the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business.

5-15 minutes introduction

Hands-on Lab for IBM Content Services

Ready to explore more? The following tutorials will give you a deeper dive into the capabilities of IBM Content Services.