IBM® InfoSphere® Global Name Management helps manage, search, analyze, and compare multicultural name data sets by leveraging culture-specific name data and linguistic rules. It leverages a unique linguistic-based approach that is based on over 20 years of research to address the needs of managing personal and business names from all over the world.

Global Name Management Overview

6 minute demo

Get started with GNM. Understand why names are hard to manage and search, and then see how IBM Global Name Management can help.

Global Name Management Name Analyzer

8 minute demo

See how you can use the Name Analyzer to understand name structures from different cultures. Delve into some of the statistical information that GNM uses to match names.

Global Name Management Name Works in Action

5 minute demo

See a brief demo of name analysis and matching of names against multiple data lists.

Global Name Management - Create and Deploy Name Search Service in a Docker container

6 minute demo

View a demonstration on how to create a docker based name search service using Global Name Management technology.

Tour IBM InfoSphere Global Name Management: IBM InfoSphere Global Name Management guided demo: Analyze and match names

Get experience with IBM® InfoSphere® Global Name Management by analyzing and matching names in lists.

  • Analyze multi-cultural names
  • Search and match against lists of names
  • Pair-wise compare names to understand the cultural influence in name matching

15-30 minute introduction