IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions allows you to easily deploy your VMware virtual environments and manage the infrastructure resources on IBM Cloud. At the same time, you can still use your familiar native VMware product console to manage the VMware workloads. IBM® Cloud for VMware Solutions enables you to deploy a software-defined datacenter to the cloud while seamlessly reusing your existing skill set, tooling, and processes.

These solutions can satisfy use cases like capacity expansion into the cloud (and contraction when not needed), migration to the cloud, disaster recovery to the cloud, backup into the cloud and the ability to easily stand up a dedicated cloud environment for development, test, training or lab. All by exploiting the operational benefits and agility of IBM Cloud with the ability to quickly expand or contract the environment to meet business needs.

The benefits of VMware solutions on IBM Cloud to enterprises are:

  • Global reach: Allows you to expand your hybrid cloud footprint to up to 30 enterprise-class IBM Cloud data centers around the world. 
  • Seamless integration: Enables seamless integration across the hybrid cloud with the IBM Cloud infrastructure.
  • Rapid provisioning: Automates the deployment and configuration of entire VMware environments, which allows you to quickly deploy an enterprise-class VMware environment with dedicated IBM Cloud bare metal servers.
  • Simplification: Enables you to consume a VMware cloud platform without the need to identify, procure, deploy, and manage the underlying physical compute, storage, and network infrastructure
  • Economical: Provides an op-ex based pricing structure with no long-term commitment, and supports both subscription based or bring your own licensing of VMware products.
  • Expansion and contraction flexibility: Allows you to easily expand and contract your VMware workloads according to your business needs.
  • Single management console: Provides a single console to deploy, access, and manage the VMware environments on IBM Cloud.

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

7 minute demo

This is the first of 3 videos that will introduce you to the IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions. In this video, we will briefly explore the IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions portfolio of offerings. In the 2nd video we will explore the VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud offering in more detail, and then, in the third, we will take a look at the VMware HCX service that is available for both the VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud and VMware Cloud Foundation on IBM Cloud offerings.

VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud - Provisioining Process

5 minute demo

VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud autmates the deployment of vSphere and vCenter to build a flexible and customizable VMware solution that fits your workloads on dedicated, bare metal servers. In this video see how simple it is to provision an instance of VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud.

VMware Solutions on IBM Cloud - Migrating workloads with Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) on IBM Cloud

3 minute demo

Migrating workloads from one environment to another can be a daunting, complex task. Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) on IBM Cloud can simplify even the most complex migration projects. With HCX you can easily connect your on-premises environment to the IBM Cloud to achieve a multi-cloud architecture allowing for easy live migration of virtual machines as well as bulk migrations of entire landscapes. In this video learn how Hybrid Cloud Extension on IBM Cloud can ease your path to Cloud.

Product Tour of VMware Solutions on IBM Cloud

Want to see for yourself? Take a short test drive of VMware Solutions on IBM Cloud to introduce you to the product. You'll be able to:

  • Enhance security with dedicated bare metal servers in a hosted private cloud, and VM-level or datastore-level encryption of data at rest
  • Accelerate the delivery of IT projects to developers and lines of businesses by reducing the time it takes for procurement, architecture, implementation, deployment and testing of resources from weeks or even months, to hours
  • Easily manage workloads in the cloud using existing familiar vSphere-compatible tooling, scripts, and investments in training

5-15 minutes introduction