IBM Watson Studio provides the environment and tools to take advantage of machine learning and deep learning capabilities. It includes all the machine learning capabilities available with Spark, accessible through notebooks (Python, Scala, R). Watson Studio provides access to deep learning services such as Watson Language Translator, Watson Personality Insight, Watson Speech to Text, Watson Text to Speech, Watson Tone Analyzer, and Watson Visual Recognition.

In addition, Watson Studio provides visual tooling to create deep learning neural networks through a graphical interface that can also generate code for popular deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Keras, Caffe, and PyTorch. Models can then be tested through the Experiment tooling where multiple hyperparameter values can be tested in parallel, taking advantage of the GPU configuration of your choice.

Neural Network Modeler and Deep Learning Experiments on Watson Studio

3 minute demo

Get an overview of the neural network modeler tool and see how quickly a model can be created using this tool.

Model Management and Deployment in Watson Studio

3 minute demo

Watson Studio allows data scientists and analysts to quickly build and prototype models, to monitor deployments, and to learn over time as more data become available. Performance Monitoring enables machine learning models to retrain on new data supplied by the user or another data source.

Build a Logistic Regression Model

4 minute demo

See how easy it is to build a logical regression model using the tooling available in Watson Studio.

Product Tour of IBM Watson Machine Learning with Watson Studio

Want to see for yourself? Take a short test drive of IBM Watson Machine Learning with Watson Studio to introduce you to the product. You'll be able to:

  • Create, compare, and execute machine learning models to get the best information for a business decision
  • Test the models to best determine customer retention

5-15 minutes introduction

Hands-on Lab for IBM Watson Machine Learning with Watson Studio

Ready to explore more? Visit IBM Cloud to get started with IBM Watson Machine Learning with Watson Studio. Once you've signed up, you can use the following tutorials to get a deeper dive into the capabilities of IBM Watson Machine Learning with Watson Studio.