IBM InfoSphere® Identity Insight is an advanced identity and social network analysis platform that helps you find vulnerabilities in your organization. It combines recognition algorithms and analytics with event processing capabilities to give you insight into threats and fraudulent activity. By examining data across your enterprise, the solution can uncover relationships and occurrences involving an identified individual or group. If a questionable situation or pattern is detected, the system proactively generates alerts.

Identity Insight Overview

11 minute demo

Get started with Identity Insight - understand what context computing is and why perpetual analysis is critical to combat threat and fraud

Identity Insight Demonstration

11 minute demo

See a brief demonstration of the Identity Insight technology

Interfacing with Identity Insight

8 minute demo

This video describes a typical implementation architecture and demonstrates various methods of interfacing with Identity Insight.

Tour IBM InfoSphere Identity Insight: IBM Identity Insight guided demo: See entity resolution, relationships, and alerting in action

IBM® InfoSphere® Identity Insight does perpetual analysis to resolve, relate, and alert for threat and fraud prevention.

  • Process data that results in a complex entity resolution evaluation
  • Search and visualize the entities in the IBM i2 Analyst Notebook application interface
  • Review and analyze the alerts that were raised in the system as a result of the entity resolution processing

15-30 minute introduction