IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server for Data Quality enables you to cleanse data and monitor data quality on an ongoing basis, helping to turn your data into trusted information. The solution offers end-to-end data quality tools to help you understand your data and its relationships; analyze and monitor data quality continuously; cleanse, standardize and match data; and maintain data lineage.

Using Information Server to Perform Data Quality Assessment

5 minute demo

IBM Information Server Data Quality provides all the capabilities for companies to assess the quality of their data, using various quality dimensions, customer rules, machine learning, and information governance.

A Data Quality Story - Shop for Data

5 minute demo

A high level explanation of how IBM's integrated Data Quality and Governance solutions make finding and assessing the quality of enterprise data, quick and easy.

An Automated Data Discovery and Classification Story

2 minute demo

See how IBM's Information Server makes it easy for companies to classify and find specific types of data throughout their enterprise, such as sensitive data, or personal identity information (PII).

Tour IBM InfoSphere Information Server for Data Quality: Information Server Data Quality Guided Demo

A simulated demo of using Information Server Data Quaity components being used for a Data Quality Assessment.

  • Ensure trust and confidence in your enterprise data used to make business predictions and decisions
  • Share quality scores and results with all interested parties (consumers of the data)
  • Use business terms and data class detection to automatically apply specific rules to data that meets the criteria specified
  • Stay compliant with regulatory requirements of being able to identify and locate personal identity and sensitive data, such as credit card and social security numbers

15-30 minute introduction