Understanding the quality, content and structure of your data is an important first step when making critical business decisions. IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer, a component of Information Server evaluates data quality and structure within and across heterogeneous systems. It utilizes a reusable rules library and supports multi-level evaluations by rule record and pattern. It also facilitates the management of exceptions to established rules. Analyzer helps identify data inconsistencies, redundancies and anomalies and makes inferences about the best choices for structure. Analyzing data is the primary purpose of Information Analyzer.

Tour IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer: Information Server Data Quality Guided Demo

A simulated demo of using Information Server Data Quaity components being used for a Data Quality Assessment.

  • Ensure trust and confidence in your enterprise data used to make business predictions and decisions
  • Share quality scores and results with all interested parties (consumers of the data)
  • Use business terms and data class detection to automatically apply specific rules to data that meets the criteria specified
  • Stay compliant with regulatory requirements of being able to identify and locate personal identity and sensitive data, such as credit card and social security numbers

15-30 minute introduction