IBM InfoSphere® Optim™ Archive is a scalable solution that can help organizations manage and support their database archiving strategies. It can help to control growing data volumes and associated storage costs while improving application performance and minimizing the risk associated with data retention and compliance. Whether applied to packaged or custom applications or data warehouse environments, Optim Archive can provide benefits to both IT groups and business units enabling them to intelligently archive and manage historical data throughout its lifecycle.

Introduction to IBM InfoSphere Optim Archiving

6 minute demo

This video will provide a brief overview of the IBM InfoSphere Optim Product with a focus on the aspect of archiving data.

IBM InfoSphere Optim Common Elements

7 minute demo

This video will briefly cover the elements common to the Optim product such as Optim Manager and the Optim Designer interface.

IBM InfoSphere Optim Archive Reporting

8 minute demo

This video will cover some of the aspects of reporting of archived data.

Tour IBM InfoSphere Optim Archive: Step by Step Process of Archiving Data

This tour will guide us to a better understanding of the steps needed to archive and delete seldom used data from a production or near-production database allowing for a smaller, more manageable data store while allowing reporting on archived data.

  • Start by building an access definition detailing the business model
  • Using selection criteria, only data considered stale will be archived along with parent or reference data
  • Use the Browse utility to validate only those rows meeting our criteria are archived
  • Create the necessary delete process to remove the stale data

15-30 minute introduction