Organizations depend on critical applications to drive results and many use agile methodologies to quickly deliver reliable functionality. IBM® InfoSphere® Optim™ Test Data Management helps organizations to optimize and automate processes that create and manage non production environment data. Using effective, efficient testing strategies Optim Test Management helps to rapidly identify problems reducing the risks that flawed test data and inaccuracies introduce, leading to application failure. It helps to improve every stage of the application testing process.

Introduction to IBM InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management and Data Privacy

9 minute demo

This video will provide a brief overview of the IBM InfoSphere Optim Product with a focus on Test Data Management and Data Privacy.

An Overview of the IBM InfoSphere Optim Common Elements

7 minute demo

This video will briefly cover the elements common to the Optim product such as Optim Manager and the Optim Designer interface.

Introduction to the Optim Test Data Management Extract Process

7 minute demo

The first step in managing test data with Optim Test Data Management is to create the parts needed to extract and subset the source data.  This video shows the creation of access definitions and extracts requests.

Introduction to Masking Data Using IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy

11 minute demo

Focusing on the masking and conversion of data, this video will show how to the masking functions work and how they are built.  Once the data is converted, a comparison of the data shows the differences between source and target.

Tour IBM InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management: Managing and Masking Non-Production Data

Gain introductory knowledge of the IBM® InfoSphere® Optim Test Data Management and Data Privacy capability by creating a subset of “production” data while utilizing standard masking techniques to de-identify or mask data.

  • Start by building an access definition detailing the business model
  • Using selection criteria, subset the production database to a manageable size for testing
  • Create the necessary convert processes along with the necessary masking functions to support security concerns
  • Using the Compare utility, we will review the data privacy results

15-30 minute introduction