IBM® Netcool® Operations Insight powered with AI and Machine learning capabilities helps reduce event noise, automatically groups events related to the same problem and provides relevant context for faster resolution, allowing you to work smarter, not harder. It provides a consolidated view across your local, cloud and hybrid environments and delivers actionable insight into the performance of services and their associated dynamic network and IT infrastructures. You can now modernize and simplify your IT Operations with greater insight into highly dynamic environments, and option for containerized deployment on IBM Cloud Private.

IBM Netcool Operations Insight- Mitigate Service Interruptions Using Runbook Automation Demo

4 minute demo

Quickly identify and isolate problems with mission critical applications and leverage runback automation to restore to service.

IBM Netcool Operations Insight- Cognitive Capability Demo

2 minute demo

Proactively avoid service impacting problems and isolate root cause using machine language algorithms that require no tuning or configuration.

Tour IBM Netcool Operations Insight: IBM Netcool Operations Insight

Get immediate experience with IBM Netcool Operations Insight.

  • Automatic grouping and consolidating similar events to aid efficiency
  • Using analytics to reduce noise in event generation and save operators time
  • Understanding the dependencies between topological items in the network environment so that you can identify a failure of a service or application
  • Using highly dynamic topology information to identify and alleviate overloaded systems before problems occur
  • Displaying historical changes in topology views, which helps effectiveness when dynamic changes occur in the network environment
  • Using application metrics to resolve an issue with a known solution, saving time for operators
  • Gaining visibility of events from across the entire integrated network for maximum efficiency

15-30 minute introduction