Bringing customer data together is easier than ever before with this master data management solution. Get accurate customer information and faster time-to-market when you de-duplicate and consolidate customer data from multiple sources within minutes. Machine learning and consent management capability provide advanced insights and help you comply with regulatory guidelines. Empower business users with self-service capabilities to optimize business processes and identify new opportunities. Deploy in a matter of hours with minimal IT dependency. Easily add, work with and share data across business systems and downstream processes.

MDM Express Overview

3 minute demo

IBM MDM Express rapidly and easily deploys a master data management solution to leverage trusted data and create a 360-degree view of information

MDM Express Install

2 minute demo

Download and go! Install MDM Express and manage the data without IT resources and be up and running in a matter of hours.

MDM Express Demo

6 minute demo

Bring a smarter approach to loading source data into MDM and provide a fully modern user experience through master data catalog and consent management

Tour IBM Master Data Management Express: Explore lightweight MDM with consent management

Get experience with a lightweight master data management solution to deliver a trusted single view of customer data.

  • Upload and match customer data from different sources to create a single trusted view of a customer
  • Search and view a 360-degree view of customer entity data and gain improved insights
  • Capture, view, and maintain consent for customer data

15-30 minute introduction