Gateway appliances are devices that give you enhanced control over network traffic, let you accelerate your network’s performance, and give your network a security boost. Manage your physical and virtual networks for routing multiple VLANs, for firewalls, VPN, traffic shaping and more.

What is a Virtual Router Appliance?

4 minute demo

This short video will explain what the virtual router applicance is. We will run through the features, protocol support and pricing.

VRA Command Line Demo

3 minute demo

In this video we will go over the show vrrp, show version, and show configuration commands.

Add a VLAN on the Virtual Router Appliance

4 minute demo

In the third video in this installment, we will demonstrate how to add a vif/vlan to your virtual router appliance.

Tour Gateway Appliances: Order and configure a virtual router appliance

Get experience with IBM® Virtual Router Appliance by learning its order and configuration process.

  • Order a pair of high-availability (HA) Virtual Router Appliance devices
  • Choose the data center
  • Configure the hardware specifications and RAID disk array

15-30 minute introduction