IBM® Planning Analytics, powered by IBM TM1, automates your planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis processes. It offers the full functionality of spreadsheets while eliminating manual tasks to drive efficiency. The solution accesses all your data, and it integrates financial results and analysis with operational plans for faster execution. With a dynamic planning and analytics workspace, you can model information and gain insights, communicate using compelling visualizations, make predictions and perform what-if analysis to test alternative assumptions. Ultimately, you can create timely, reliable plans to put insight into action.

IBM Planning Analytics Overview

5 minute demo

This is an example of IBM Planning Analytics solving a challenge for a retail organization. This visually rich workspace may be used by an analyst within a retail organization to monitor the performance of the stores.

Create Coordinated and Integrated Plans

5 minute demo

In this demo, you will see the collaborative creation of supply chain forecasts to achieve greater accuracy, optimized plans, and report with confidence.

IBM Planning Analytics for Excel

5 minute demo

In this video, you will see how Excel is an integral part of IBM Planning Analytics. End-users continue to use an environment in which they are familiar, while enjoying the benefits of centralized aggregations, security and business rules.

Build IBM Planning Analytics Applications

5 minute demo

In this video, we will show how to build applications: starting with dimensions and hierarchies, creating cubes, loading data, business rules and performing a reorganization.

Using what-if scenario analysis to make smarter decisions

2 minute demo

With IBM Planning Analytics, you are able to react quickly to shifting markets and changing demands by creating business scenarios and testing assumptions.

Create and Manage Territory and Quota Plans

5 minute demo

With IBM Planning Analytics, you can enable sales leaders to assign the right reps to the right accounts, with the right targets.

Tour IBM Planning Analytics: Build a book for revenue planning

Get experience with IBM® Planning Analytics by building a book for revenue planning. You use the book to adjust product units, perform what-if analysis, and analyze the impact of your changes on the income statement.

  • Create a book in Planning Analytics Workspace to use for revenue planning
  • Add a view using natural language capabilities
  • Adjust the revenue plan by increasing the number of 4G 32G phone units for the internet distribution by 20%
  • Review the impact of your changes

15-30 minute introduction