IBM® Watson™ Visual Recognition uses deep learning algorithms to analyze images that can give you insights into your visual content. You can organize image libraries, understand an individual image, recognize food, detect faces and create custom classifiers for specific results that are tailored to your needs.

Serverless Image Recognition with IBM Cloud Functions and Watson Visual Recognition

5 minute demo

We demonstrate how an IBM Cloud Function gets an image from the Cloudant database and classifies it through Watson Visual Recognition. We demonstrate how actions work with data services and execute logic in response to Cloudant

Get Started with Visual Recognition

3 minute demo

Get an overview of Watson Studio Visual Recognition.

Train Custom Models on Watson Visual Recognition and Deploy on Core ML

2 minute demo

This video shows the Visual Recognition model builder available in Watson Studio. You'll see that a visual recognition model can be created without technical expertise.

Retraining a Visual Recognition model

3 minute demo

This video shows how a model can be updated and retrained using new classes and negative images.

Tour Watson Visual Recognition: Product Tour of IBM Watson Studio Visual Recognition

See how easy it is to create a visual recognition model with IBM Watson® Studio.

  • Create a visual recognition model
  • Add classes to the model and train it
  • Try the model with an external image

15-30 minute introduction