IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog Overview

5 minute demo

This video provides you with an overview and the benefits of IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog.

Create a Watson Knowledge Catalog

5 minute demo

In this video, learn how to quickly and easily create a Watson Knowledge Catalog in a few easy steps.

Discover and Catalog Assets

6 minute demo

In this video, learn how to discover and add assets to a Knowledge Catalog using the various methods provided.

Active Policy Management

5 minute demo

In this video, learn about the active policy management and enforcement capabilities of the Knowledge Catalog to protect and control access to cataloged assets.

Tour undefined: Explore Knowledge Catalog's Data Governance Capabilities

Get experience with the Business Glossary, Policy Manager and Data Dashboard in IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog

  • Publish a business term that defines the business meaning of Sensitive Information.
  • Publish a data governance policy that defines the business and regulatory compliance requirements for protecting and consuming Sensitive Information.
  • Create a data governance rule that enforces the data protection methods defined by the Sensitive Information data governance policy.
  • Classify data assets containing Sensitive Information to characterize them to the active policy manager as data governance candidates.
  • Verify that the lineage established between business terms, policies and rules work as designed.
  • Review the data policy activities and statistics that provide insight into the effectiveness and enforcement of active policy management.

15-30 minute introduction