IBM Watson Studio brings powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning to businesses with collaborative and seamless workflows, enterprise scale, security and governance - all in the hybrid, multi-cloud environment. To address today's always-on and data security needs, Watson Studio Desktop brings the power of industry-leading IBM data science and AI tools to Windows and Mac OS. It modernizes predictive analytics and machine learning processes and accelerates time to value.

What's New in IBM Watson Studio Desktop

5 minute demo

Learn about the new features available in IBM Waston Studio Desktop including Notebooks and Data Connections.

Introduction to IBM Watson Studio Desktop

7 minute demo

This video provides an introduction to Watson Studio Desktop. Watson Studio Desktop is a desktop client tool for solving your business problems by analyzing data with AI. With WSD, you can prepare data and build models on your desktop with visual drag and drop tools.

Tour IBM Watson Studio Desktop: Visually Build AI and Machine Learning Models

Use IBM Watson Studio Desktop to create a machine-learning model to evaluate the risk that customers might leave your company and take their business to a competitor.

  • Open a new project and prepare data for modeling using Data Refinery.
  • Create a flow using Watson Studio Desktop.
  • Train a machine learning model and look at its characteristics.
  • Export the Model to IBM SPSS Modeler.

15-30 minute introduction